Sunday, March 30, 2008

38 weeks

We are ready.

March is almost over. All the events I was waiting for have passed. The checklist is pretty much done or discarded. The kitchen is full of food. Hubby's grandma is here to stay through the end of April, helping out with whatever is needed. The birth tub was delivered, filled and turned on to heat up today. My supplies are ready. Everyone has their instructions. My sister has directions to get here from California. My good friend H had her baby and now I have permission to go ahead (she was so worried that I would go first even though she was due earlier... I desperately didn't want to disappoint her!). I've been blessed many times with ceremonies and beads. I got my henna and belly cast. We took family and maternity portraits. All of these things meant so much to me that I almost couldn't breathe until each one was checked off. Check. Check. Check.

Now it's time to wait. Relax. Practice Optimal Fetal Positioning (babe is hanging out OT or OP most of the time now). Tomorrow, start soaking in the tub to enjoy it. Think about maybe making some more freezer meals, if I feel compelled. Try to get the laptop fixed. Cruise through the daily stuff, kids' school and activities. No more events to attend, parties to plan, promises to fret over. Just time to chill and enjoy our last few days as a family of four.

In the last week I gained three pounds. My midwives were visibly pleased (me too!). BP still low and normal. Baby is guesstimated around 7 pounds. Lots of movement and forward kicks, with a big ol' foot often sticking out next to my belly button. More mucous. More contractions some days, fewer others. Sleeping is spotty. Naps are coveted. Ankles are swelling in the evenings. Heartburn is here. It all adds up to being near the end.

Tomorrow, chiro. Grocery shopping. A long soak. The last day of March.

I feel good. I am ready.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My non-accent accent

I found this on a friend's blog, thought I would share.

I'm not surprised by the result, considering that I *am* from SoCal (though not a surfer, but my niece is). I'm mostly interested to see the results my friends get, since many of us in Central Arizona are from all over the country.

Let me know if you check it out!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The West

Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you're a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

The Midland
North Central
The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

37 Weeks

This week is brought to you by the letters "B" and "H" -- When you think of B&H, think of "Braxton-Hicks."

My uterus is up to something. Taking it's time. But, something is goin' on.

I've been having interesting contractions for a few days now. The Braxton-Hicks are not new, I've been experiencing those since 19 weeks. The new and interesting ones make me hold my breath for a moment--they don't hurt, but they demand attention and make everything inside scooch down and push up at the same time. Then I remember to not hold my breath and I just breathe slowly while waiting for the whole thing to relax itself and be over. Interesting. A little tiring too. I feel lame, too, like "oh, no big deal, just keep going, why are you stopping, why are you going so slow, you're acting like you're in labor already, silly." (Ok, so explain the gobs of mucous, eh?)

It's too early. We/me/baby are not ready yet. But five of these an hour sure make it seem like three weeks to my due date is a realllllllly long time. (I'm not counting/timing these contrax... that's an estimate, that's what it feels like at the most frequent.)

Aside from that, I am feeling really good. The pain and discomfort in my back from the accident is gone. The congestion from the head/chest cold is almost gone. I have enough energy to get through the day--tomorrow will be a test of that, with the girls going back to school after two weeks of spring break. The weather is GORGEOUS and the citrus is blooming. My yard is full of the fragrance of grapefruit blossoms and the windows are open in the house all day. Spring is a beautiful time to birth a baby.

Oh yeah. Birth a baby.

It comes out. I am starting to remember how that feels.

Ah, back to thinking about spring and blossoms...

Check. Check. Check.

An update on the To-Do List:

Four birthday parties. (Three down, one to go.)
School carnival.
Donation committee. (I've been flaking this one. Oh well.)
Dentist appointment. (Survived yet another one.)
School. (Daily)
Catechism. (Weekly)
Gymnastics. (Weekly)
Dance. (Weekly)
Swim lessons. (Weekly)
Field trips. (I don't have to attend the next one.)
Chiropractor. (Weekly)
Prenatals. (Weekly)
Board meetings. (To be rescheduled, I guess?)
Birth Circle. (This Thursday.)
Easter. (It was nice and low-key.)
Jury duty. (Didn't have to report, woo hoo!)
Cook & freeze meals. (Still need to do this.)
Sew burp cloths, changing pad covers, receiving blankets. (Forget it, we have been given what we need.)
Find and wash missing newborn diapers, baby sling, rebozos. (DONE!)
Scrub shower and replace curtain. (DONE!)
Wash new sheets. (DONE!)
Put together birth supplies basket. (DONE!)
Assemble bassinette. (DONE!)
Clean house. (Uhhhhh, this is never ever finished... I am almost beyond caring now.)

Wow, it feels so nice to be almost done with March...

Friday, March 14, 2008


This is not a gripe, complaint, brag or boast. It's just a fact that I am trying to process.

For the first time in my life, I am concerned with not gaining weight. I gained healthy, normal amounts with both of my kids--26 and 24 pounds, respectively. Starting this pregnancy at the weight I ended the last one (having actively worked off then passively put back on the same stubborn 30), I expected to tip over 200 for the first time in my life. No big deal, just my expectation.

I never expected to be at 36 weeks with only 11 extra pounds on my body. Actually, on my belly. It doesn't seem to have landed anywhere else. Did my metabolism magically speed up when I got pregnant at 35? Or is this baby growing so voraciously that it is sucking all the nutrition out of everything that enters my mouth?

I think about all those women in the 1950s that were told to keep their weight gain to no more than 15 pounds. They did that by smoking and drinking a glass of wine every night. At least I'm not doing that. Seriously, not even the wine.

The baby is growing fine, my midwives aren't worried, so I guess I shouldn't be either. But hey, I'm pregnant. I'm supposed to worry and obsess and be a loony basket-case, right? No?

Oh. Okay. I think I'll go relax with a glass of soy milk and a doughnut.

36 weeks

Less than a month to go until my due date. WOW.

I am excited, impatient, ready, not ready, willing to wait longer, not yet nervous, already nesting, scatterbrained, insomnified (if that's not a word, it is now), making lists, checking things off, making new lists, sewing, crafting, coughing, sneezing, breathing in the coming spring, cleaning, organizing, sighing, contracting, drinking tea, talking to the little one, asking "Just wait until April 2nd..."

That's me in a nutshell. It's a beautiful day.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I've been grumpy lately. There's something about myself that I want to explain, so you will maybe understand me a little better.

To my blog and my friends, I may (okay, not just may, but do) complain too much. Because I can, to you. Overall, this pregnancy has been a good one, since I have nothing bad to report, no complications or difficulties other than some minor annoyances. But it's safe to complain to my family and friends--they know and accept me, they listen and they don't question things like my plans for midwifery care and homebirth.

To the outside world, I have to put on a different face. The rosy, cheerful, "everything-is-great" face. I feel it's my job to project the vitality of pregnancy, the normalcy of natural birth and be a positive influence on their opinions of doulas and midwives. That's why I don't believe in venting to the "public" -- I prefer to educate on a positive note rather than try to prove a negative point.

It can take a lot of energy to do that. When I let it out to you, it's because it gets tiring to handle it all and still show a smiling, "I feel good!" attitude to the world. And I do feel good. Most of the time. I want you to know that. And I want to thank you for making me feel safe about resting my head on your shoulder in those moments that I don't feel so good. Because I appreciate the support. Always.

Little Bit

Less stressed

Two days into March now. After having an emotional breakdown the other day (which is sometimes necessary, though unpleasant), things are more under control. The school carnival is behind us. It was fun, I got to volunteer by sitting on my butt in the shade (while helping out the two classroom booths my kids belong to) and hubby with his brother took the kids around to the rides and attractions. We also scored a Baby Basket in the Silent Auction -- it's full of onesies, little socks, wipes, bath stuff, baby books, picture frames and, get this, the wicker basket is the perfect size and shape to pack all my homebirth supplies into. Hey, I'm happy with it all the way around!

The to-do list is also whittled down. I washed the sheets. We ordered the baby's carseat. Today, hubby is shopping with his mom for baby stuff, and I'm home sewing and prepping the birth supplies basket. He said he would assemble the bassinette when he gets home this evening. Now that everything is coming together, I'm feeling soooo much better.

Sometimes the tears of a good cry can help wash your emotional home. How's that for a sappy new saying?