Monday, May 21, 2007

Coming soon...

TEASER: I am working on the story of a client's recent birth. It will be posted shortly.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Baby Dance

My temps have been wacky, but I think they are finally shifting. Hubby is worn out from all the activity of the last week... he is begging to be let off the hook!

Here is my chart... what do you think?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Don't Go Out in a Cheap Bra

Just wanted to share, thought you all might find this funny...

I (Heart) Goodwill

Anyone who knows me knows that I like shopping. I like to shop. (See Retail Therapy links to the left.)

But, on a budget, I have learned to get creative. Gone are my days of lunch hours at Macy's. So long to the $300 binges at Robinson's May. I no longer look at even the Clearance section on -- sigh.

But, I can justify the savings (and recycling) of visiting a few yard sales and Goodwill stores each month. And, I found that Twice Az Nice in Chandler has my kind of fashion, for which I can trade in the stuff that no longer fits!

So, to gloat, here are the spoils of my recent "personal maintenance sessions":

Red I.N.C. Sweater + French Cuff khaki skirt = $12
Coral floral Eddie Bauer skirt = $5.99
Green Self-Esteem top + green Style & Co. skirt = $8.49
Red b.i.y.a.y.c.d.a. top + floral Bandolino skirt = $14
Forest green J.Jill shorts = $5.99 (not shown)
Pink embroidered silk I.N.C. top = $4.99 (not shown)

If you don't care about brand names and all clothes are just clothes, go ahead and write me off as shallow. If you know how nice wearing good brands can make you feel, then go ahead and be jealous!

P.S. I won't be telling which Goodwill I shop at. HA!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Vote in the Blogger Choice Awards!

One of my favorites, Hathor the Cow Goddess, is up for awards in several categories, including Best of Parenting! Vote for her, or nominate your faves!

Blogging is bad for eggs

Note to self: Never leave eggs boiling on the stove while updating new blog.

Monday, May 7, 2007


It took only a moment –
she had asked me to unplug
the clock to ignore the hours –
the look, the sway, a brief
shake of the head,
a deep breath.


Won’t it stop, she asked.
Soon, the midwife answered.

She sank into a curl,
molding herself around the baby belly.

Silently her womb squeezed and
she roared the baby out.

A deep breath,
A humbling cry.

We look for the blank clock
and note the timeless
child born
at the first breath
of the newest dawn.


What if I could break the clock,
peel back the face of
let spill those moments

catch drops of an alternate past
and drink new memories from
my palm?
Could I quench my
wonder? Last

I tried, a friend I once thought

Only the bitterest are heavy enough to catch,

The sweetest, the lightest
too quick


Each bit of news is worse
than the last.

Lesion.Frontal lobe.Intubated.Surgery.


They say,
once you hit bottom
the only way is up.


They say,
what doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger.
or something.


I hate those words, she says.
What words,
I ask.
All of them.

the sky
falls away

I want to tear
at my eyes
bash my forehead
on the desk.


Don’t waste time with
stupid words
asking why
saying sorry
or something.

Sound doesn’t carry
that far



I'm just awake enough to create my new blog, but not lucid enough to compose something new and insightful (I can feel the expectations rising already). So I'm going to put up some of my recent poetry, shared here with the world for the first time. For the record and all future compositions, all content is owned, copyrighted and controled by ME, don't even think of copying/pasting/taking credit. Write your own snazzy stuff!

Just a little bit... would be enough

Just for today, just a little bit of


would be enough.