Thursday, January 8, 2009

This New Year I Resolve...

to declutter my home.

Oh, lordy. How did this much stuff end up in this house? Nevermind, don't answer that. I already know.

We have accumulated more stuff here than in any of our previous residences. Why? Because we always moved every three years, and that always forced a big clean-out. Now we've been here four years straight. It makes me want to move again just to clean stuff out. NOT! HA! I am so glad to not have to move, but now I have to clean-out without the assistance of seeing everything as it goes into moving boxes. Moving is great for decluttering because you don't want to have to pack and unpack that unnecessary junk. Taking it to the donation center is more satisfying when the alternative is saving your back from one more box to lift.

In order to accomplish the declutter project, not get burned out or give up, and cheer ourselves on, I've created a plan. One room a month, breaks from the project in June and December (usually our busiest vacation and holiday months), simple guidelines to follow and step-by-step approach to problem areas. I'll post our progress on our fridge and on this blog. If I get behind, feel free to give me a nudge. In the meantime, here's the plan of attack:

Month Room Areas of Focus
  • January: Kitchen & Laundry -- Cabinets; drawers; counters; tops of cabinets; baker's rack; refrigerator.
  • February: Girls' room -- Closets; dressers; desk; toy bins; beds.
  • March: Boy's room -- Closets; dresser; bookshelves; toy chest; boxes; bed.
  • April: Computer room -- Desks; closets; bookshelves; sewing cabinet; boxes.
  • May: Computer room continued -- Put in new desks & wall shelves.
  • June: Off -- Summer break!
  • July: Master bedroom -- Closets; mule chest; nightstands; boxes; bathroom; underbed storage.
  • August: Family room -- Bookshelves; entertainment center; china cabinets; linen closet.
  • September: Living room -- Bookshelves; entertainment center; baskets; bench seat; coat closet.
  • October: Patio -- Boxes; toy; deep freeze; deck box; side yard.
  • November: Garage -- Closet; boxes; tools; toys.
  • December: Off -- Holiday break!

Strategies for Decluttering
  • If it's broken, expired or used up, throw it out.
  • What stays, must have a place to live.
  • What goes, sort into "Sell," "Donate," or "Storage."
  • Shred or recycle unnecessary paper.

Wish us luck!

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